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Excellence, enthusiasm and passion to envision smart software for a smarter world through disruptive, resilient and insightful testing and test automation solutions. Studies have confirmed that the testing phase comprises of more than 30% of the total Software Development Life Cycle. With the increased focused on quality and adoption of new technologies such as Web Services, mobile and SaaS, organizations need early detection of defects so that they can save significant time and money – which is possible only through a well-thought testing strategy and execution.

Testing Process

Identifying and defining Quality Assurance (QA) standards and procedures, Getting insights into existing environment, processes and tools, Understanding the working model between the development and testing teams, and Understanding the processes which need to be refined..

Test Implementation Plan

Identifying testing teams with key responsibilities, defining tools and frameworks which can aptly address business needs, creating an outline of high level test schedules and plans, creating a clear plan on testing objectives, deliverables, release criteria, and timelines with respect to each milestone, defining structured methods to create test cases, and setting up a controlled and systematic test execution and reporting plan.

Test Automation

Evaluating the application and the testing requirements and identifying the scope for automation to improve the quality of the product and drastically reduce cost and time to market. This ensures that automation is integral part of the testing strategy and does not become an after-thought.

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